Selected works of Mikael Westman—designer at Square in New York City.


Making commerce easy on any platform.

Square Register, the app that made credit card processing available to anyone with a smartphone. Today it has grown into a fully featured point of sale system with an ever growing feature list. Historically being an iOS based app we spent large parts of 2015 improving our Android app, introducing a new visual language and bringing it to feature parity with iOS. All while finding a balance between keeping patterns sellers already learnt to use from our iOS app and adhering to Android guidelines.


Eyewear from where the sun never shines.

OODIN is an eyewear brand with origins in Gothenburg, Sweden. I was tasked with creating their first graphic profile, including a new logotype to be applied on their line of sunglasses. The work also included the creation of a new online store.


Barley, water, hops and yeast.

Åbro Brewery, a Swedish brewery, held a redesign competition for their series of high quality beer called 'Bryggmästarens'. The goal of the redesign being to create a more premium label and bottle design. The submitted result included a new logotype, updated typography, and a stronger visual hierarchy that can be applied to the full product catalogue, including seasonal ‘Special Edition’ beers.


Auto-generated film posters.

Auto-generated posters using IMDb's movie synopses and metadata. Often with dry, humorous results.