Åbro, one of Sweden's largest breweries was looking to rebrand ‘Bryggmästarens’, a brand of beers made with better ingredients and more brewing time than Åbros standard product range. It's a beer for those who want to enjoy something better than the average beer but are not interested in niche micro brewery beer.

The brief asked to position the brand as more ‘premium’ and required a new logotype for the brand, new bottle labels for a variation of beer types, and a new 33cl bottle design. The presented concept removes all Åbro branding from the bottle. Positioning Bryggmästarens as a standalone brand of premium beer products.

The pointed label takes inspiration from the logotype's angled 'B'.

Limited edition bottles break away from the standard label design. Custom patterns and materials are used for a uniquer look.

From joining the Square's NYC design team in 2013 to leaving in 2018 I was on the journey that took Square from start-up, via an IPO, to become one of the fastest growing tech companies on the market.

At Square I implemented scalable design systems that translates across products, devices, and platforms, as well as created and improved product features for Square Point of Sale and Square for Restaurants. All done with collaboration across teams and timezones, impacting hundred thousands of customers worldwide.

To say the least, the last 5 years have been lined with learnings, obstacles, and rewards.

I am now on a sabbatical until the end of the year but I am already looking for new challanges ahead. Although based in New York City, I am open to relocate or work remotely.

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